Oct 31, 2010


Район Хюсби находится к северу от Стокгольма, на предоследней станции метро северной ветки синей линии. А народе он давно слывёт иммигрантским гетто. Именно сюда переехал я две недели назад. Расскажу о своих первых впечатлениях.

Имя "гетто" район мой заслужил по той простой причине, что тут живут в основном иммигранты. В моём доме из 30 квартир только на четырёх стоят больее или менее шведские фамилии. И так, наверное, везде. Причин тому много. В чём-то виной неразумная политика социалистов. В чём-то церная реакция: Иммигранты селятся поближе к своим. А по большому счёту, я думаю, дело в деньгах. Тут жильё доступней чем во многих других районах.

Но ни в чём другом Хюсби пока своей дурной славы не оправдал. По моему -- очень приятный район. Тут много зелени, разных маленьких парков и сквериков. Даже есть свой бассейн -- я вчера там был -- один из лучших в городе. А ещё с моей улочки виден Kista Science Tower -- самый высокий небоскрёб Стогкольма, 117 м высотой, насчитывающий аж 33 этажа. Он стоит в большом научно-исследовательском центре Щиста, также иногда называемом кремнеевой долиной Швеции, где я однажды надеюсь найти работу. От моего нового дома туда можно дойти пешком.

Итак, гетто или не гетто -- но я там теперь живу. Интернет тут есть, поэтому продолжение следует...

Oct 22, 2010


The snow has fallen over Stockholm. Nice. But I need to take subway to the office.

Oct 19, 2010


Today, I started to move to a new place. Moving is hard. It is so hard beacuse it takes lots of time. It has taken so much time that I got really tired. I am so tired I don't even have a picture for this post.

Oct 15, 2010


Now, I am private driving teacher. I applied for it in early June. Yesterday, I received the permission. Now, as the winter is at hand, the sun shines only during the office hours and the snow has already fallen in some parts of the country, I will finally be giving driving lessons. Nice. Didn't I always claim I like challenges? The time has come to prove it...

Oct 13, 2010

Room headache

Two days ago, I posted an ad about the rooms rent out on a known Swedish ad website. Very soon, I regretted telling them my phone number. Peaple started calling immediately. Yesterday, the my cell was ringing every 10 minutes. I was not even able to concentrate on the job. Finally, I got so tiered I just switched it of. Later in the evening, I removed the ad. Now I am enjoying the quiet.

I wonder: Why can people not read the ad text before they dial the number? More than half of the people did not even knew it was only for two months. 25 % did not know where the flat was situated. Almost nobody understood it was not yet for available. I really tried not to get upset, but I did.

Nevertheless, I think I will now be able to find new flat mates. For this time. And for sure, nobody will ever see my number on such a website again.

Oct 7, 2010

Key pile

Today, my key ring has reached the record number of 11 keys. Never have I ever needed so many of them. Neither do I now. But I still hold the keys. Two are of my parents place, one from the place I stay at the moment, three of the place I will move to in two weeks and two are from the office. The remaining three are bike keys.

As a result, I start to have hard time finding the right key. They all just look the same to me. Except for the bike keys of cause. But these, I will give away before noon. Then, the tide will be gone. The number of keys will reduce to eight, but I will need to find another means but size to differentiate between then. Maybe shape will do?

Oct 5, 2010


My mobile phone clock have been behind the real time for about a year now. It always showed 5 minutes less. I new it somewhere deep in my head. But the funny thing is: I did not mind. I just never needed to know the time with a precision greater than 5 minutes. What kind of stressed post modern human am I after that?

Oct 1, 2010