Aug 31, 2010


Today I signed the rental contract for my new flat. It was much easier than I thought. Reading a few pages, asking some smart questions, making a couple of signatures, calling different numbers to get insurance, electricity and internet, and that's it. All in all, it took me just a few hours to accomplish. Well, it remains to see if everything is gonna work as planned. But I am somehow sure it will.

Aug 30, 2010


Приближается время парлементских выборов в королевстве Швеция. Они пройдут здесь 19 сентября. Уже в третий раз я пойду исполнять свой гражданский долг. В отличие от большинства стран, в Швеции предвыборная компания побуждает людей верить, что ни один голос не пропадёт даром. Что исход выборов может повлиять на судьбу страны. И что политики реально прислушиваются в волеизявлению народа. И может быть это не совсем неправда. По крайней мере, дела с демократией тут обстоят хорошо. А ещё, победа и переизбрание правых на этих выборах может означать конец социалистической династии, что было бы очень желательно.

Как и в прошлый раз, меня не будет в стране во время выборов. С 1 сентября открываются участки предварительного голосования. Некоторые люди идут в этот день в школу, а я пойду на выборы. Осталось только до конца определиться, за кого же голосовать.

Aug 28, 2010

Déjà vu

The new tram in Stockholm city turned out to be very similar to the Frankfurter one. I would, however, never have noticed it if not for the interior of the tram. It has all the signs in German, such as "Notbremse, Missbrauch Strafbar" or "Fahrerruf". Of cause, this would only mean the vehicle was "made in Germany". But there was another observation that really gave me a sense of déjà vu: The were actually sines explaining how to use the transportation and warning for the €40 penalty for failing to buy a ticket -- exactly the same I have seen in Hessen, and marked VGF -- the transportation company of Frankfurt.

I am confused. I would understand if Sweden had no money to buy new trams and they just ordered used ones from Germany. But at least they had the funds to repaint it from the outside and put the SL logo on it. So why were they unable to do a little interior remake?

Aug 25, 2010

Requiem for a Beer Opener

My old dear key ring beer opener has passed away!

I have got it 1,5 years ago as a new year present from a person I hardly knew. I have been carrying it in my pocket since then. It assisted me in getting the keys out of there faster, hence saving my precious time. It added some weight to my person, helping me burn calories and hence reducing my own weight. It faithfully followed me to eight countries and countless towns, but has always been with me on my way back, remaining in my hand for the last step through the home door. And most of all, it opened many beers during its lifetime. And though I did not drink any of them myself, many of my friends gratefully did.

Now it is gone: Scarred, broken, relieved. Rest in peace, dear friend, may the trash be your grave...

Aug 22, 2010

Weekend Camp

I am back from the church weekend camp at the Hjälmaren lake. Very nice time, lots of experience, new people. I just say wow!!!

Aug 16, 2010

Aug 12, 2010


New Camera: Canon PowerShot SX20 IS.

To be continued...

Aug 8, 2010


The trams are back in Stockholm.

They disappeared from the city center in 1967, as the so called H-day took place. The country switched from driving on the left-hand side of the road to the right. The trams and the trolleys, which completed the city image, were made useless in a snap. For many years, they could only be found in museums.

Now, a brand new tram line, passing right through the city center, is in construction. It's first part is scheduled to start operating at the end of August. By now, the trams are getting tested.

Personally, I find the concept of trams exciting and look forward to using the "Line 7". But I am a little disappointed with their choice of color. It is somewhat strange. Neither yellow nor green is used elsewhere by the Stockholm public transportation. We will get used to it, no doubt, maybe we'll even learn to love these colors, but by now I hope the trams will be covered with ads that will hide their original color.

Aug 7, 2010


This weekend, I visited a camping site at Hjälmaren lake, about 200 km away from Stockholm. I had the opportunity to join the last day of a teenager summer camp. My visit started with a funny talent show, went on with a very nice evening until 4 a.m. and ended up with a mega-hugging, when every camp participant hugged all other participants.

Though placed in a nice environment, my camera refused to start working properly. The best picture I have got is one of the lake viewed from the camp.